What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a virtual open-source digital currency/commodity secured by state-of-the-art encryption (p2p protocol — the same cryptography that is used in Internet banking) and a payment platform. Developed in 2009, it has been created to depoliticize money and decentralize power in terms of globalization. Bitcoin’s advantage also lies in nearly eliminating transaction fees. Bitcoin is a unique cryptocurrency giving inflation not a single chance since only 21 million Bitcoins can ever be mined.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is universally available and serves to simplify money turnover in every country with Internet access. It lets you make instant transactions sending and receiving money from all over the world while remaining anonymous. At the same time, all Bitcoin payments are irreversible and risk-free.

It lets you instantly transact all over the world staying anonymous. At the same time, all Bitcoin payments are irreversible and risk-free.

Bitcoin as a payment method

Today more and more businesses start accepting Bitcoins making this digital currency even more attractive. Currently, the list of Bitcoin-friendly companies includes Expedia, Wordpress, Reddit and it is constantly expanding. Surf the web and see for yourself what major sites accept Bitcoins.

You do not have to be an expert to use Bitcoins. To buy Bitcoins all you need to do is register at Bitok.com, make a deposit using any payment processing service and purchase the necessary amount of Bitcoins. None of the parties is required to pay transaction fees or disclose their identity. After purchasing Bitcoins you can either trade, encash or spend them.

Advantages of the Bitcoin as a payment method are undeniable — instant international transactions, practically no fees, anonymous but yet absolutely legal and transparent payments. Lately, the number of companies accepting Bitcoins as a payment tool is drastically increasing, including such renowned companies as Amazon, Expedia, Reddit, Wordpress and many others. There is a high probability that in the nearest future this tendency will grow even higher.

Bitcoin as an investment opportunity

Undoubtedly, every investor tries to diversify their funds to ensure maximum profit and foresee potential risks. Bitcoin is a good source of new capital formation and a great opportunity to expand asset portfolio not only for investors, but also for people with little familiarity in this area of expertise. Bitcoin price has increased 1000% in the last two years drawing attention of many investors, who are in search of a new long-term investment. Although Bitcoin remains a volatile currency, this feature is seen as an additional advantage by many traders.

Surely, Bitcoin has revolutionized the global financial sector and is likely to become the currency of the future. Join us in gaining profit, using Bitcoins and creating a bright future for this financial innovation!